Text 27 Mar 15 notes Deception Fans: Please Read

I went to the NBC site and noticed that they allow you to leave comments about the shows on NBC. For all who want to see a Season 2 of Deception on NBC please follow these steps to send them a message:

1. Go www.nbc.com, scroll down to the very bottom of the page

2. Select “Contact Us”

3. You will than see a box that reads: “Select Show”, click on the box to see the drop down menu of shows on NBC. Select Deception from the drop down menu

4. They will ask for your name and email address and allow space for you to send a message regarding the show. Once you right your message, select send.

Its worth a try. I did it because I was online this morning and noticed that TV By Numbers have already listed this show as “Cancelled”. Lets see if NBC listens to the Fans and give Deception another go at a season 2.


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    ive never really gave this show a chance because im in the scandal fandom! however black actresses need support sooooo...
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    I did it already after the season finale.
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